Thursday, 4 June 2015

What’s New in Upcoming Version Android M ?

On the occasion of annual Google I/O developer conference on May 28 Google has announced some new features. Including these features named it with new version Android M after Android L. Android M operating system mainly concentrates on improving user experience, stability and usability of android platform.

New key features are permission, web browsing, app linking, finger print, and power management, app backup and android pay. These key features make upgraded to new version Android M from Android L. According to Google new version Android M will launches completely till last of this year. Now follow the new features of Latest version Android M.

Android M
Android M

App Permissions:

Latest version introduces a new app permissions model which preserve to users to grant permissions during app installation and up-gradation. It’s not necessary to grant permission during install or upgrade the app which supports the new permissions model. This feature is available for latest version of devices not for old version devices.

  • Permissions are divided into groups.
  • User can grant permission at Run-Time.
  • Limited permissions granted at install time.
  • App always check for permissions if need to perform any specific feature action.
  • Handle lack of permissions and disable the feature in the absence of specific permission.
  • User can revoke the permissions to use the desire feature.

Power Saving:

Android M introduces new  feature power-saving-optimizations for idle devices and apps named it Doze mode. If a device is unplugged, in sleep state and screen off for a period of time device goes into Doze mode. In this mode devices periodically resume normal operations for short period of time so that app sync can occur and the system can perform any pending operations. Restrictions in Doze mode for apps.

  • Network access is disabled, unless your app receives a high priority Google Cloud Messaging tickle.
  • Wake locks are ignored.
  • Alarms scheduled with the Alarm Manager class are disabled.
  • Wi-Fi scans are not performed.
  • Syncs and jobs for your sync adapters and Job Scheduler are not permitted to run.

When the device exits from Doze mode, it executes any jobs and syncs that are pending.

Apps Auto Backup:

This feature is most useful for android users which are investing significant time and effort to creating data in apps. In android M featured android device user’s data can preserve in Google Drive automatically if user change or upgrade the device. Follow key points of auto backup.

  • User can choose what data  from app to be automatically backup.
  • System facilitate to user to opt out of automatic data backups.
  • User can store up to 25MB data per android app.
  • Automatic backups occur when device is idle, charging and connected to Wi-Fi network every 24 hour.

Temporary files, cached data and external storage data are not backup these are automatically excluded.

 App Links:

When user click on a web link in app has not  a default launch handler, system show a dialog to choose from a list of apps that have declared in matching intent filter.
But Android M introduced App Links feature which improve existing link handling by allowing app developers to associate app with a web domain. System can automatically determine the default app used to handle a particular web link and skip asking users.